Investigations Have Seven Steps

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Investigations are simply the processes of searching for the truth, inquiring into questionable actions by others thoroughly and systematically, and then examining that information to decide what action might be taken. It is a formal procedure of discovery either confirming or dismissing the initial beliefs.


What does a private investigator do? How do you know when to hire one? Will he be able to help you? One of the top qualities for an Investigator is his former experience, his technical skills, his specialization. You do this by reputation, or maybe the first impressions you have of him. Can you trust him? Can he provide some referrals from previous experience? If yes he maybe your man


Before speaking to a private investigator prepare all the questions is related to your inquiry and decide on a budget that you can comfortably afford. It is a very delicate situation like every human being; a private Investigator needs money to satisfactorily obtain the right information. Every investigation is different. The importance is the communication between both parties and to find the best agreement financially and ethically.


This is the top PRIORITY for both sides. Before, during and after the investigation both parties are advised to keep maximum discretion and 110% of confidentiality. The key for a good result is to have the investigation run in confidence with all the necessary information to implement the right moves at the right time.


The private Investigator should know and understand clearly the motivation behind the inquiry, evaluate hypothesis in order to determine the conduct of the investigation.

After determining an investigation is necessary the client should indicate the problem, indicating exactly the information needed. The client should provide all information available to give complete transparency.


The only target of a Private Investigator is to find the truth. His work, his mind set could not be variable or corrupt. As the investigator is closely involved in the situation it is better to give all the information that he needs , show him the trust, communicate as often as possible, work hand in hand in order to reach and solve all kind of problems that may occurred during the investigation.


Are you prepared for the truth the PI might uncover, the bad as well as the good news? Are you ready to follow through with the next step? Deciding before the investigation starts may be necessary for health or safety reasons. Once the investigation starts you need to have patience, courage and determination to pursue until the conclusion arrives. You can be very disruptive or emotionally charged. Some evidences can be cruel, unacceptable, heart breaking. You can have a sudden negative reaction and wanting to stop the procedure. Nevertheless that is your decision.


After collecting all the evidence, a report is prepared outlining the results of the investigation maybe some recommendations. Has all the questions been answered? Does the evidences support hypothesis? Has every step of the investigation been conducted within the law?

Now it is time to take action based on your decision, you are the only one that can determine the direction to take.

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Investigations Have Seven Steps

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This article was published on 2010/03/30