The Best Defense is a Private Investigator

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A private investigator knows what good team work is and provides exactly what the legal team needs in order to obtain the best possible defense. This means that they will follow the lead of the attorneys and their instructions, and they will have a thorough understanding of the sequence of evidence needed for the best possible results. They will gather the witnesses, collect the exhibits and help the legal team organize the entirety of the evidence.

For example, a typical scenario in which a PI would be hired by an attorney is in a case of adultery. In order to prove that illegal conduct had taken place within a marriage and in order to build grounds for divorce, a private investigator would be hired by an attorney and be given the task of photo surveillance, video surveillance and witness interviews. Working together, they would try and build the best defense with as much evidence as possible.

Yet, private investigators do not simply serve the attorneys. They themselves can serve as expert witnesses; they can decide what exactly is needed to make and support your case, and they can take the lead on finding and evaluating evidence. They truly are a team player, able to play the follower and the leader, and always providing what the team needs.

Welcome to, a New York Private Investigators firm with over 50 years combined experience. Our lead investigator Tony Delorenzo has been featured on television shows such as Oprah, Infidelty, The Today Show and many more. When selecting a Private Investigator, do the research and make sure you trust the investigator looking into your life. Finding the truth means the beginning of your recovery. Not all investigations prove a cheating spouse and some individuals discover their relationship was stronger than they thought. Either way, knowing the truth helps you make critical decisions in your life and this is the place to start. Our private investigators are very discreet. Only you will know that we are on the job and we deliver results fast. Our Private Detectives use state of the art surveillance and deliver the proof you need. Please call us today and allow us to help you. We are local New York City Private investigators and deliver professionalism and courtesy to all our clients. If you are looking for a Private Investigator in NYC Call us Today!

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The Best Defense is a Private Investigator

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This article was published on 2010/12/06